The Facts About Egg Donation in South Africa

Egg donation in South Africa is a means to have advanced fertility treatment at a worldclass fertility clinic at extremely affordable prices. Because egg donors are motivated by the need to contribute to some one else and mostly altruistic reasons egg donation, they receive a marginal donation, as a gesture of their efforts. This contributes to the general affordability of the process.

Egg donors also remain anonymous (as do recipients of donor eggs) and sign away all rights to any children conceived through their donation, enabling confidential egg donation. This makes the process easier and less complex for both egg donor and recipient of donor oocytes. The birth mother is the legal mother. This enables people to come to South Africa, enjoy the beautiful countryside, partake in affordable fertility treatment and return home pregnant. Friends and family of the recipient need not know the details of the fertility treatment. They may leave the philosophy to, “See what a holiday can do for you – a miracle pregnancy”. There is no egg donor registry in South Africa

Getting pregnant through egg donation really is a miracle pregnancy. The embryos are cultivated in a special medium for 5 days post the egg retrieval. Depending on the quality and viability of the embryo, the transfer may actually happen on the sixth day post retrieval. Techniques have advanced to such an extent that embryo freezing also offers phenomenally wonderful success rates. This is largely as a result of the new technology used to do the freezing. The embryos can be frozen and maintained for very little, further adding to the affordability of egg donation in South Africa.